What is it

FCCL aims to be a robust and professional library for those people who wants to write fast and lightweight application as easily as JAVA programmers do.

To reach this target, all the most important JAVA classes will be implemented; native JAVA tipe will be implemented as templates or typedefs (arrays are implemented as templates, byte is implemented as a typedef).

Garbage collection is implemented with templated smart pointer (as of version alpha 0.0.1).


Actually (as of alpha 0.0.1) these classes are implemented:

  • jArray (80% complete)
  • jObject (90% complete)
  • jString (50% complete)
  • jHashtable (95% complete)
  • jSet
  • jCollection
  • jCharacter (20% complete)
  • jDictionary
  • jEnumeration
  • jInteger (98% complete)
  • jIterator (Just the interface. Methods are empty)
  • jMap
  • jSet
  • jSystem (5% complete)